What do we think of the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow support?

“It’s like rain on your wedding day. It’s a free ride, when you’ve already paid. It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take . . .”



Well here’s a piece of good advice we wish we didn’t take: “You get what you pay for.


Following that advice, we went out looking for the most expensive anti-snore pillow we could find – and ended up with articles of medieval torture that strained our neck, fouled the air in our bedroom with chemical stink, and turned flat as a pancake in a mere two months.


Oh yes, and there’s one more thing we ended up with: a lighter wallet – oh, just about a hundred dollars lighter. And now we have to live with quite a few ugly urinal-shaped “pillows” that we would never use again, laughing evilly at us from the dark depths of the closet, like a shameful sin from your past that just won’t go away.


Then comes the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow Support. It comes in two darling angelic colors: pure white and baby blue. If it stinks, its polyester, so it’s completely washable. It looks like one of those cute baby pillows you sometimes see in cribs, except its bigger. It looks nothing like a urinal.


Try it out, and if it feels too big for you, turn it around. Its other side is smaller, so it should feel better – and it does.


Oh, by the way, have we mentioned that it costs less than $20.


After all the physical and emotional torment we had gone through with uncomfortable, ugly, and expensive pillows, we find this one.


We feel like screaming. Really, we do.


It’s like winning the lottery on your 105th birthday. Or finding your soul mate after you’ve said “I do” to someone else.


To quote the words of that enlightened sage Alanis Morissette: “Isn’t it ironic?”


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Cons of the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow Support:

Softens somewhat after a year of use. (Some people actually consider this a good thing. Others simply shell out another $17 – a tiny amount for a good pillow.)

Pros of the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow Support:

Cervical lobes available in multiple widths, to fit all neck sizes (in short, one size fits all)

100% hypoallergenic fiberfill

Machine washable, quick drying

Available in two colors: blue and white

Costs less than $20

Made in the U.S.


We would never forgive ourselves if we did not recommend the Duro-Med Stress-Ease Pillow Support, and you wouldn’t either.

Recommendation and Results

It’s cheap, it’s comfortable (for an anti-snore pillow), it has the looks, and it works against snoring, as this user attests.

Do we at Anti-Snore Pillow Reviews like it? You bet we do! And we’re not the only ones. Read user reviews here, here, and here.

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By the way, have we mentioned that it’s cheap?


We have hated quite a few pillows before. This one definitely does not belong to that club.

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